ELVEEGO Circuits is proud to announce the delivery of the following projects to its esteemed customers during the last year.

Bangalore : December 31, 2013

Timing Generator PLL:
Integer PLL with real time switching of the output frequencies between 108MHz, 54MHz, 27MHz and 13.5MHz. Clock Generator for an Image Sensor SOC Timing Generator Timing Generator designed in 110nm CIS process. Delivered in record 8 weeks schedule.

Baseband Circuit for an RF chip:
Various Analog blocks consisting of Voltage reference, current reference, Clock Dividers and Distribution, IF Amplifier, Temperature Sensor, Low Pass Filter, Various Amplifier and Buffers for an RF Chip.

Rotary Encoder:
Various Analog Blocks of a Rotary Encoder ASIC like analog blocks like high-speed amplifiers, Regulator, Laser Diode-Driver, High Speed and Low offset Comparator etc.,

Antenna Driver:
Antenna Driver System consisting of Power Amplifier, Antenna Current Detector, Automatic Gain Control loop to adjust Gain of the Signal Chain, VGA, DC-DC Regulator etc., for Smart-Key Wireless Transmission for Automobiles.

DC DC Converter:
PWM based DC- DC Converter for Automotive System with VIN range from 8V to 18V and regulated Vout range from 10V to 24V with a load current of upto 300mA.

Frequency Synthesizer:
PLL with external VCO used as Synthesizer in an ECG Transmitter system targeting US and Japanese ECG Medical Standards. Reference frequency of 2MHz-50MHz and Output frequency of 400MHz to 600MHz.

Projector Driver:
LVDS interface Receiver Electrical PHY with 1.2Gbps data rate per channel. Includes LVDS Receiver, CDR, PLL and Deserializer. Targeted for High Resolution Displays and Projectors Designed in 130nm CMOS process with 1.2V Power Supply. This design has been successfully delivered to the end customer for integration into 44 channels.

Optical Transceiver:
Completed the feasibility Study of 10Gbps Optical Transceiver consisting of VCSEL-Driver with Self Bias and Automatic Power Control for Tansmitter and TTrans-Impedance Amplifier, Limiting Amplifier with Offset Control mechanism for the Receiver Chain. Transmitter



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