SD Host Controller (TDS701)

[Brief Description]
TDS701, SD host controller LSI is an interface LSI for SD memory card / SDIO card. SD host controller LSI has four serial data lines, one serial command line, a card detect signal, a write protect signal and a synchronous clock output signal. And 16 bit I/O bus is implemented to support MPU connection. Configurations and instructions will be given to this LSI via MPU connection.

When this LSI starts the data transfer with SD card, a host publishes a command through a command line first. SD card side returns a response to the command, and initializes. Then, data is transmitted and received between a host and a card through a serial data line.

TDS701 operate at "3.3V" single supply voltage.

[General Features and Functions]
→ SD memory / SDIO card interface available (4 bit mode / 1 bit mode)
→ Multiple data transfer settable ( transfer size and transfer times settable).
→ Data buffer ( SRAM ) implementation (512 Byte×2)
→ Card detect function support
→ Data protect function support
→ SD clock 50MHz settable (SD card transfer 20MB/s)
→ DMA I/F function support
→ SDHC card available
→ No CPRM type
→ Various 16 bit bus MPU Interface implementation
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This LSI conforms to the following specifications.
→ SD Specifications Part 1 Physical Layer Specification Version 2.00
→ SD Specifications Part E1 SDIO Specification Version 2.00



     Programmable I/O expander

     & USART (TDS601)

     SD Host Cotroller (TDS701)