Programmable I/O Expander and USART (TDS601)

TDS601 is high speed multipurpose programmable I/O-Expander with built-in three USART for data-transmission. TDS601 have one set of 4bit input/output ports and seven sets of maximum 8bit input/output ports.

TDS601 has synchronous/asynchronous receiver-transmitter circuit (USART) built-in, and programmable input-output interface LSI.

It is ideal for use high speed CPU (8bit/16bit). TDS601 operate at "3.3V" or "5V" single supply voltage.

Download brief datasheet (TDS601 Brief Datasheet).

 SD Host Controller (TDS701)

TDS701, SD host controller LSI is an interface LSI for SD memory card / SDIO card. SD host controller LSI has four serial data lines, one serial command line, a card detect signal, a write protect signal and a synchronous clock output signal. And 16 bit I/O bus is implemented to support MPU connection. Configurations and instructions will be given to this LSI via MPU connection.

When this LSI starts the data transfer with SD card, a host publishes a command through a command line first. SD card side returns a response to the command, and initializes. Then, data is transmitted and received between a host and a card through a serial data line.

TDS701 operate at "3.3V" single supply voltage.

Download brief datasheet (TDS701 Brief Datasheet).



     Programmable I/O expander

     & USART (TDS601)

     SD Host Cotroller (TDS701)