General Analog, Custom Digital and I/Os Design

  • ELVEEGO Circuits has successfully delivered various Analog and Mixed Signal blocks
    → High speed Operational Amplifiers and Comparators
    → Bandgap and BIAS circuits
    → CML buffers
    → Load current sensor circuits
    → Crystal Oscillators
    → Temperature Sensors
    → Phase Interpolators
    → Charge pumps
    → Voltage-to-current converters
    → AGC / PGA / Variable Gain amplifiers
    → DVD R/W channel front-end circuits
    → Standard Cells
    → Custom Digital Cells and IO Cells

Circuit Verification and Automated Simulations

  • Team ELVEEGO members are experts in writing scripts and wrappers for automating circuit simulation, compilation of results and verification of performance. This enables team ELVEEGO to speed up design verification process and reduce time to market for the designs we perform while ensuring maximum verification coverage.
  • Under the design service model, ELVEEGO can participate in its customers proejcts at the level of circuit verification and simulations, allowing the customer to take advantage of team ELVEEGO's Circuit verification techniques and expertise.

Modeling of Analog and Mixed Signal Systems

  • As part of ELVEEGO's design methodology, HDL models of Analog and Mixed Signal Systems are made to verify system functionality and to derive block level requirements and specifications.
  • This also enables team ELVEEGO to execute projects more efficiently by defining system function and sub-block level requirements and specifications based on the system model during the initial stages of the project.
  • ELVEEGO offers such Analog and Mixed Signal System modeling service to its customers as part of its design service model.